Infant Program

Our infant program gives your infant the head start and skills needed to excel.

IMG_4226A lot happens within the first 12 months of YOUR child’s life. The first 12 months of your child’s life is considered to be the most important days of their life. To give your infant the best start possible it is very important that you focus on helping them to develop all of the skills that they will need to become successful in school and life.

Here at WhizKidz Preschool our infant childcare program takes an intelligent approach to infant development. Our highly trained and educated staff follows closely to what is taught in college child development courses. The infant development program that we offer adheres to strict guidelines to insure that your child receives the up most attention and successful development.

Our highly experienced and educated staff is knowledable in the social, physical, language and emotional development of your infant. For us here at WhizKidz Preschool everyday is a work in progress. Each day we continue working with your infant and progress them successfully through all of the stages of infant development.

Specializing in all stages of your infants development.

While infants cannot speak they can still communicate. Whether be it crying or the sounds that they make to express their needs, our intuitive staff is in tune to what your infant needs. Our compassionate staff is there for your infant every moment of the day to insure that their hunger, anger or cries are attended to.

There are many benefits to enrolling your infant into our infant development preschool program. By enrolling your infant into our infant development program you will strengthen their social and emotional development through interaction with other infants and our experienced educators.

The head start that your infant will use to excel them through schooling for the rest of their life.

IMG_4228Our infant development program offers the latest in intellectual development tools and toys that will not only entertain your infant, but will also improve their perception of the world around them. Through engagement and decisive infant development processes your infant will progress much faster than in an ordinary home environment.

Many mothers enroll their young infants into our infant development program because we have proven to accelerate the language and emotional development of the infants that we educate. Even if you have the time to spend 24 hours a day with your infant enrolling your child in our infant development program will develop noticeable cognitive and improvements not available in any other infant preschool program.

Our infant development curriculum will guide your child through all of the stages of development. From 0-2 months, 3-4 months, 5-6 months, and 6-12 months. Our well-proven infant development curriculum will enhance your infants life for many years to come. We put particular emphasis on the following;

• Intellectual development
• Social development
• Emotional development
• Language development
• Physical development

Our hands-on approach takes into account all aspects of your infants development. Everyday new goals are set and your infants progress is carefully monitored as they progress through our infant development program. We have one of the leading infant development programs in all of the state of Arizona, and it’s only available here!

Language development is one of the most important components of human development. Psychologist and behaviorists have spent lifetimes developing language development curriculums for educators and schools across the world. Here at WhizKidz Preschool we have studied extensively on the leading researchers in the field of language development and have applied many years of testing and research to our language development curriculum.

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