School Kids Program

WhizKidz School Kids Program  Safety, Love and Care.

school kids program classroomOur school kids program in Phoenix and Scottsdale is dedicated to the successful development of your child. We are absolutely committed to helping your child to develop to their full potential. With a facility full of educational resources for all ages and a staff of highly trained educators, our school kids program is unsurpassed by other “big chain” school kids programs.

Since we are a medium sized after school and kids program we are not too big to be able to offer the personal attention that your child deserves. Additionally, we are not too small to be able to offer your child the educational resources that they need to thrive in their future.

The caring staff at our school kid program is dedicated to establishing order and safety, while still being able to provide a fun learning center environment for everyone.

Here at WhizKidz Preschool we believe that in order for a child to develop mentally and physically that they need love and attention, but equally important the child needs a nutritious diet that is balanced to include all of the right nutrients to grow. At our campus every child is guaranteed breakfast, lunch and snacks in-between. We know that when a child eats nutritiously that they are more focused, eager to learn and play better with the other children.

Our school kids program is available children K-4 …and older *ask us

WhizKidz school kids program is open from 6:00 am – 6:30 pm making it convenient for you no matter what your hectic schedule is. With several enrollment plans and affordable prices we make choosing WhizKidz Preschool your best choice when choosing a an after school program or day time program for your child.

Coming Up – Summer Camp 2017. You don’t want to miss our Summer Camp for 2017!


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For questions about our school kids program or to come and visit our educational facilities email us or call us now at (602) 971-7007. We look forward to becoming an integral part of your child’s development.