Benefits of Preschool for Parents and Children

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When you finally are able to consider preschool for your precious babies it can be an overwhelming experience. Both happy and sad, exciting and scary, it’s important to remember that even when separation is challenging, that preschool is an opportunity for growth. On an individual spectrum we all crave both connection and autonomy, predictability and novelty, and preschool allows both of these to happen safely. Kids grow so quickly, it’s important to create a safe place for healthy learning and guided self expression. They explore what it’s like to go play with other kids in new environments, without their parent who they have identified themselves with. As parents, your priority is always your child. Getting some time to focus on yourself, run errands, and whatever else you may need to do, you can now have. It doesn’t take away anything from your connection, rather it can help deepen it.

Here are Some Main Benefits of Preschool

  • It strengthens social and emotional development.

Being exposed to other children and teachers who all have different personalities and structure will allow your little to grow socially and emotionally. They are building other relationships through experiences in a safe environment where the teachers oversee and can secure the safety. They learn to play together, share, to watch and observe, while also learning through activities.

  • It is a structured atmosphere.

They have consistency in eating, playing, learning, and this routine is vital for healthy progressions. It also gives them something to look forward to. It might not be direct, strict structure, but the consistency between home and school gives room for both places to have easier times. For instance, nap times. Sometimes our children nap for us the best, but other times they nap for others better. Having nap time at the same time regardless of where the child is at, helps keep that something that feels good and that both the child, parent, and teacher benefit from.

  • They get some freedom and learn autonomy.

With several activities to choose from at preschool, the likelihood of your child finding something they really like is high. There are no expectations for your child to be anyone but who they are and the teachers wants nothing more to encourage and be supportive. Whether it be playing on the playground, coloring, reading, or playing with other kids, your child gets to do that safely, and without pressure. This allows them to partake in what interests