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Whiz Kidz Preschool Program Promotes Academic Excellence And A Lifetime Love Of Learning

Our curriculum is well-rounded and exceeds Arizona’s early learning standards. Learning Beyond Paper™ promotes elementary school readiness with daily lessons focused on STEAM, Language and Literacy, Physical Development, and Music and Movement to engage your child’s every interest.

Each week our revolutionary curriculum builds on prior learning. As the school year progresses, so does the curriculum. This keeps your young learner engaged and wondering what they will explore next. Our hands-on teaching methods keep their hands and minds busy. Our staff doesn’t want to pass out papers and just let children stare at letters on a page, we want to excite them and have them be partners in the learning process.

With Our Balance Of Structured Learning And Enrichment Programs Children Thrive!

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum your preschooler will get access to daily enrichment programs. We will get our bodies moving with P.E. with a certified P.E. Teacher, and then calm our bodies and minds with Yoga. We will learn math and life skills during a weekly cooking class and visits to our self-maintained gardens, and broaden our horizons with music class. Our programs are about so much more than school readiness, we aim for life readiness.

Creative Expression

Creativity takes place in many different environments. Here at Whiz Kidz Preschool, we offer a Dramatic Play Center unique to our preschools, where children can let their imaginations transform them into chefs, firefighters, moms, dads, or even pirates! We promote process over product art. Meaning, you won’t see perfectly crafted projects, done by your child’s teacher. We don’t encourage a perfect end product, we are all about the process and celebrating your child’s determination to try new things. Psychologists suggest that creativity helps to grow the neurons in a child’s brain that help them to become highly successful not only in school and academic environments but far beyond. Creativity and imagination are always encouraged!

Social Play

Play is a vital experience in a child’s development of social skills. Play is so much more than just having “fun.” Skills learned through play are essential and your child will use them well into their future. Common skills learned through play:

Math and Science

With access to high-quality manipulatives and resources your child will develop a basic understanding of beginning mathematical and scientific concepts. Such as;