Scottsdale Preschool

Reaching new milestones through authentic learning, play experiences and arts.

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Scottsdale Campus 7214 E. Jenan Drive, Scottsdale, AZ, 85260

  • Scottsdale campus was the second Whiz Kidz Preschool
  • Opened in July of 2016
  • has the capacity to serve 179 children
  • Has 9 classrooms. 2 Infant classrooms. 2 One year old classrooms. 1 two year old classroom. 1 hybrid potty training room. (Older two year olds and young three year olds who need potty training assistance) 1 3 year old (Preschool) classroom, 2 four year old (Pre-K) classrooms.
  • Has a large courtyard space that is used for many family and community events
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Beautiful designated outdoor classroom space
  • Large grass field for outdoor play
  • The 9 classrooms are split up between 4 different buildings on the campus
  • Approximately over 10,000 square feet of space

Feel proud to know that your child is in the best handS.

If you live or work in the Scottsdale area, you will be proud to call Whiz Kidz Preschool the early childhood program of your choice. With highly trained early childhood teachers that have a passion for children, you will know that your child is receiving the attention that they deserve for future life success.

Healthy,Natural features and family friendly.

  • Healthy meals and snacks to feed growing brains.
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum to support your child’s learning.
  • On-site kitchen.
  • Safe and camera monitored classrooms.
  • Farm and organic gardening program.
  • Nurturing teachers.


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