Whiz Kidz


I am really happy with Whizkids and glad that we found this school. The staff is very friendly and eager to teach my daughter, keep her stimulated, it’s been wonderful to see her blossom while here. All the teachers know her name, even those who work with much older kids, and they say hello and bye to her every day. The coffee and snacks are a plus, thinking of the parents and not just the kids is great! I have to say that the app is fantastic, I always know exactly when she has been dropped off, how much she ate of what during the days, her nap schedule and get little pics as well. It makes me feel so close to my daughter to get real feedback even while I am away from her during the day. I’ve recommended the school already to other parents in the area-I think the attention that Whizkids staff pay to the children here is unique and they go beyond what’s offered by other schools that I have visited in my search for the right match.

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