Whiz Kidz

Natalie M.

Our daughter had gone here last year for school. It’s a great preschool. I like how simple it is but very educational focused. My daughter would come home knowing her letters, numbers, rhymes, songs that it shocked me. I was worried at first but she would get better at everything even her writing. The teachers give good feedback. What was the most important was that my daughter loved just going to school and playing with her friends. A few other benefits is that it’s probably the best tuition rate you can find and it even includes the food. I didn’t want to go to a preschool where I have to bring lunch and snacks or pay for it on top of tuition. I have read reviews on other places having high turnovers on teachers but we didn’t see that problem. Also instead of sending my child home they help deal with her when she was being ruff. They told us and we addressed it with our daughter. I don’t like when schools blame the child and ask parents to take them home. We definitely would recommend this preschool.

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