•  Personalized updates
  •  Photos and videos
  •  Messaging
  •  Mobile notifications
  •  Learning platform
  •  With even more coming!
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Brightwheel App
Why brightwheel?
  • Streamlines everything in one place

  • Improves communication

  • Saves teachers & staff valuable time each day

  • Parents get a closer connection to their child and to the school

  • Less paper!
Classroom expectations
  • There is a lot going on everyday!

  • I’ll do my best to keep you informed

  • Giving children our full attention is our #1 priority. As a result, updates & photos will happen with varying frequency.
How do you join brightwheel?
App SS
Daily check in/out: 2 options
How can we work as a team?
  •  Check brightwheel regularly.
  •  Keep us updated on how your child is doing at home.
  •  Practice the skills we are working on as much as possible at home, in the car, etc.
  •  Celebrate wonderful classroom moments at home.
  •  Let me know how I can be most helpful!