We use professional cleaning services that provide janitorial services to commercial properties that need a better, more consistent cleaning program. Killing and removing germs to create a cleaner and healthier environment is essential to help reduce the spread of illness and infection.

Professional cleaning services help keep our schools going by combating viruses, bacteria, and germs that can cause the spread of illnesses.

Students in any school setting are susceptible to the spread of illness-causing germs, whether they are just entering preschool or wrapping up their Ph.D. Fortunately, our professional cleaning partners are up to the challenge of minimizing that risk with commercial cleaning protocols. By employing the most effective school cleaning services, sanitization techniques, and hospital-grade products, we eliminate up to 99% of germs and reduce illness.

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what sets our cleaning standards apart ?

protexus – electro static sprayer & puretabs

Protexus electrostatic sprayers easily disinfect and sanitize around curved and hard-to-reach surfaces, covering up to 3x the surface area of a conventional sprayer or mister using the same amount of time and labor.

The compact, concentrated PURTABS dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to produce a variety of strengths to meet the range of needs for every facility. From the low-level sanitization required for food-contact surfaces, to powerful infection control for C. diff in healthcare settings.

If you are sick, we request that you please stay home.

The ZONO Ozone Cabinet

The ZONO Ozone Cabinet kills 99.99% of common viruses on non-porous surfaces and 99.9% of common bacteria* on non-porous, porous and semi-porous surfaces.

The ZONO utilizes a combination of: Process control, Ozone Concentration, Humidity and Time to achieve consistent and U.S. laboratory  confirmed disinfection and sanitization levels. Our Integrated Mobile Rack and Cart System eliminates cross contamination and cuts down on user handling of equipment.

The ZONO is the centerpiece of a comprehensive disinfecting and sanitizing program for child care centers, fitness centers, schools, athletic facilities, public safety, correctional institutions, elder and health care, hotels and more.

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