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Beyond Infant Daycare, We take a holistic approach to infant care at Whiz Kidz

Infant Childcare at Whiz Kidz is offered at our campus locations. Certain locations may have a waitlist, so please secure your spot promptly when selecting us to care for your precious little one.

Our caretakers and instructors are trained to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and exploration to help them achieve new milestones. Our staff members are highly trained in child development and focus on creating a secure bond with the children in their care. 

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Specializing In All Stages Of Your Infant's Development

Our research-based infant curriculum will lead your child through all of the stages of development. From 0-2 months, 3-4 months, 5-6 months, and 6-12 months, our proven infant curriculum scaffolds through each stage of your baby’s development and helps to prepare them for the toddler years. We put particular emphasis on the following:

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Infant Cognitive Development

At our center, we specialize in all stages of your infant's cognitive development. From birth to 18 months, we understand that every child has unique cognitive abilities and interests. Our trained professionals focus on creating a stimulating environment that encourages exploration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

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Baby Social Development

As your infant grows and begins to interact with the world around them, our center is here to support their social development. Our caregivers understand that socialization is an essential part of a child's growth, and we create an environment that fosters social skills and positive interactions with others.

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Emotional Development

We know that infants experience a range of emotions and need support in managing and expressing them. Our baby care givers are trained to provide a nurturing and supportive environment that promotes emotional development. Searching infant daycare near me, you found infantcare. We encourage positive reinforcement and help infants develop coping strategies to manage their emotions.

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Language Development

Communication is a vital part of a child's development, and we specialize in all stages of your infant's language development. Our infant childcare caregivers use a range of techniques, including reading, singing, and talking, to help infants develop their language skills. We provide a language-rich environment that encourages communication and helps infants build their vocabulary.

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Physical Development

As your infant grows, physical development becomes increasingly important. Our infant daycare center specializes in all stages of your infant's physical development, providing a range of activities that promote gross and fine motor skills. From tummy time to crawling and walking, we support your child's physical development and ensure they reach their milestones at their own pace.

We Set The Building Blocks, For A Lifetime Love Of Learning

Communication is key when searching daycares for infants near me.

Whiz Kidz is a highly trained early childhood educator who focuses on helping your child master early communication skills. We do this through minimal “baby talk,” expressive facial expressions, and weaving baby sign language into daily routines.

When exploring infant daycare near me, remember Whiz Kidz

Every milestone your child reaches is an exciting new adventure. Whiz Kidz staff will aid your little one in every step. We emphasize helping them learn to crawl and bear weight on their legs, start to reach for objects and drag them towards themselves, and sit up without support. We will always ensure your child is safe and ready for these steps before allowing them to do them. Families can easily stay up to date on progressing milestones with our parent communication app.

Every infant is unique, and so are their needs. So Whiz Kidz baby daycare near me tailors each schedule to each infant’s needs. We consider every aspect of your child’s development and their individual levels. New goals are set daily, and your infants’ progress is carefully monitored as they progress through our program. We are proud to provide one of the best baby daycare in Phoenix.