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Think Whiz Kidz Preschool When Searching for a Daycare Near Me

Our award-winning early childhood center curriculum goes beyond traditional daycare services. It is the result of extensive development, integrating top practices from STEM, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia approaches. Our innovative programs are designed to nurture young minds and foster holistic development in a stimulating learning environment.

Our Preschool “School Readiness” Program

For toddlers, these years of learning are helping to prepare them for preschool,  kindergarten, and beyond. Here at Whiz Kidz, we want to prepare them for success as they move forward into the elementary school years. For this to occur, toddlers require a lot of hands-on learning and time spent investigating the world around them.

Finding a preschool near me can be challenging, but at Whiz Kidz Preschool, we excel in nurturing young Sprouts with top-notch toddler care and preschool programs in our 6 campus across the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Our all-inclusive, Montessori-inspired approach is centered on proven educational methods that boost social, emotional, and cognitive skills, preparing your little ones for their educational journey.

Unlike the typical “chain preschools,” our family-owned environment guarantees personalized attention tailored to your child’s specific needs. Our dedicated team of educators crafts individualized educational plans to cater to each sprout’s unique growth and development. Come join us at Whiz Kidz Preschool for an outstanding early learning and childcare experience!

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As the children move through the varying stages of early childhood, we will adjust their learning paths to fit that growth. If they are advancing quickly or need additional time learning a specific skill, you can be assured that this area won’t just be skipped over, or that they will be held back in one area for too long, our ongoing assessment process ensures that your child’s learning plan is constantly developing to meet their ever-changing needs.

With nearly two decades of quality care and education, our toddler program has all of the best resources to help your child to excel well into the later years of their life.

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Much more than a day care near me, Comprehensive Curriculum That Makes Learning Fun

Our toddler program offers a curriculum that will guide your child through each new stage of early childhood development. With new subjects weekly and daily STEAM and literacy lessons, you can be assured that your toddler is receiving a bright start.

Not just a STEM Daycare, Whiz Kidz is Holistic

We know that every child is different, and all of our students are on various levels of learning and at different stages of development. That is why our team here at Whiz Kidz wants to meet the child where they are and have specific plans that will give your child exactly what they need to move forward and soar to success. We devise these plans in cooperation with you, through twice-yearly assessments and parent-teacher conferences. The goals our team will set for your child will not be standard or cookie-cutter, they will be individualized explicitly for your child.