Childcare Center and Preschool – Now with 2 Locations: Scottsdale & Phoenix

Welcome to WhizKidz Preschool and Childcare Center! Our childcare center provides enrollment for children between the ages of 2 months – 10 years of age. Our goal is to offer affordable rates in the Phoenix area while maintaining the best value for the educational resources that we offer.

Our New Scottsdale Location Is Accepting Students Infants to 5 Yrs

Now Hiring In Scottsdale – Join Our Team



WhizKidz Preschool is very excited to announce our newest additional to the Preschool. WhizKidz Preschool Scottsdale, a 8,000+ Sq Ft Learning center located in North Scottsdale. Call us today for more information or to schedule a tour. (480) 999-0944

The educators and staff that we employ here at WhizKidz Preschool place specific emphasis on safety, honesty and the educational goals of the children that are enrolled in our programs.


We offer many benefits that the big chain preschools do not offer!

  • Fun, hands on academic program Scottsdale and Phoenix Child Care
  • Art & Music weekly 
  • ALL NATURAL meals and snacks, provided by local farms and prepared fresh daily. Vegetarian options available. 
  • Non toxic cleaning products 
  • Family owned and operated 
  • Daily reporting on mobil app 
  • Safe school facilities 
  • Security entrance with code system
  • Camera’s through out the classrooms
  • Monday – Friday 6:30am-6:00pm

We encourage creative expression and inspire children to want to learn.

With educational curriculum’s and programs to meet the needs of any age and skill-set you are sure to find that our we will suit the unique educational goals and personality of your infant or child.

Fun-educational programs that are unique to WhizKids Preschool:

2 Locations nearby: Scottsdale & Phoenix

To schedule a tour of either or Phoenix or Scottsdale campus, or to enroll your child in our programs email us or call us at (602) 971-7007. Thank you for taking an interest in us and we look forward to inspiring and making a difference in your child’s life! -Staff

Certified top-rated preschool in Phoenix!

We are proud to announce that we have grown into one of the highest rated preschools in Phoenix. Since 1991 our family owned Phoenix preschool has been providing proven preschool programs that are backed by a well established preschool curriculum.

Our preschool in Phoenix provides a safe learning environment that offers early childhood development and preschool programs for the needs of every child that enters our preschool center. No matter your child’s experience or education level we have the perfect preschool curriculum to accommodate them.

The compassionate staff of preschool teachers and educators that we employ are handpicked for their ability to stay organized and keep the children that they teach on task. Many of our staff members have in excess of a decade of real-world experience educating young children. The goals that we continue to meet year-after-year for the young students that we teach speak volumes!

What makes our preschool center different from other Phoenix preschools is that we offer the individual attention that the larger preschool chains cannot offer, while maintaining exceptional value.

Our Phoenix preschool is unlike other corporate chain preschools in Phoenix because we strive to make everyday an important part of YOUR child’s education. We are not simply a daycare center where your child wastes their time away. We keep the children that we teach busy with interactive learning games, educational projects and a focused curriculum not found in other preschools in Phoenix.


Discover for yourself what makes WhizKidz Preschool different. Call us now to schedule a tour of our facilities!

Come on by and visit us! As YOU walk through our preschool you will notice something different from other Phoenix preschools. The young children here are busy having fun learning! That’s what makes WhizKidz Preschool different, that’s the WhizKidz Preschool way! Call NOW to schedule a visit with us at (602) 971-7007.