Arts Activities for Preschool

Art is basically an activity of creation of images or products and it can be done through painting, modeling, printing just to mention a few. Children in preschool mainly do art activities such as painting and modeling. They mainly use crayons to do image coloring, modeling clay do build and carve objects, paintings to paint pictures, images or objects. Children can either use finger paints, acrylic paint, tempera paint just to mention a few. Preschool arts activities are generally meant to stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity thus improving their mental and physical growth and development. Art activities are an educational activity that helps children and keeps their minds active. These activities are not only helpful to kids but are also beneficial to parents as well as the teacher. For instance, a parent feels relaxed and proud while his/her child is busy and active doing something creative. Let now briefly look at main preschool art activities.

Painting: This can be done by the use of painting brushes, hands or other advanced painting tools such as shaving cream marbling, marble rolling among others. Painting is easy and fun; any child can do it comfortably and ease with or without supervision. It can be done by various types of techniques and ideas such watercolor. It is essential to use paints that are non-toxic, easy wash in case it gets stuck on cloth and easy to remove from hands. When painting the most appropriate equipment for kids to use are a handled spill-proof cup and a large handled paint brush.

Modeling: Preschool kids use modeling clay to mold objects or images. They can play with modeling clay to come up with various objects or images depending on their creativity. Modeling is easy and enjoyable and this is one thing that can help boost child’s creativeness and activeness.

Drawing and coloring: Preschool teachers train kids how to draw and color various object. For instance, a teacher can ask a child to draw a certain picture or image and color it according to his/her instructions. Coloring can be done in pattern or the whole image. Just like painting, drawing and coloring is enticing and entertaining. The outcome of the kids drawing and coloring greatly depends on their imagination.

Benefits of Preschool art activities

There are numerous benefits of preschool art activity but we are briefly going to look at some of them. They include the following:

– They enhance the kids creativity, hence helping boost their intelligence

– They are fun, interesting  and enjoyable thus kids can get engaged in this activities anytime and for a long time without being forced

– They keep children occupied and busy and this is helpful to the parent as they do their stuff without kids’ interruption.

– These activities usually help in setting kids foundation for better learning and development.

– They also help in improving the overall coordination of kids’ mind, eyes and hands.

In general, preschool art activities are part of curriculum program and it is advocated that it should be taken seriously as it also a vital learning program that can not be ignored at any given time.