Best Kindergartens In Scottsdale, AZ

Finding The Best Scottsdale Kindergarten

Scottsdale_PreschoolTime is flying by, and your child is preparing to leave preschool and begin that wonderful year in kindergarten. We are sad to see your child go, but the transition into Kindergarten is fun and exciting time. There are a lot of different options for elementary schools in Scottsdale, and we are here to narrow down the top picks based on a variety of factors. We want to help guide you to the next best options in your child’s school career.

1. Scottsdale Country Day School

This elementary school offers top-notch education for your child. They keep the classroom sizes small, so that your child can get the one-on-one attention that they deserve. The number in each classroom is limited to 20, so you don’t need to worry about these small classroom numbers every getting too large. They offer a variety of academic experiences where your child will learn the more challenging skills that they are ready for, including reading writing, math, and science skills. They also provide a lot of different hands-on learning experiences that your kindergarten will thrive in.

2. Sequoya Elementary

This is a public elementary school in the Scottsdale area. One of the great features about this elementary school is that they offer foreign language starting at the kindergarten age, so your child will have the chance to expand their knowledge even more in this area. They have also received an A+ for the past four years from the Arizona Educational Foundation. If you are looking for a public school system, this would be an excellent option for your family.

3. Chaparral Christian Kindergarten

This is a private Montessori based school in Scottsdale. This school is also a religion-based school, and is a great option for those who want their children to attend a kindergarten class that includes Bible and Scripture into their everyday class time. The students here learn all of the traditional curriculum, and also receive more child-lead learning and projects that are geared towards their individual interests. This is a much calmer classroom atmosphere than your public school room, and the staff here seeks to create a positive view of school for your child and strengthen their emotional maturity.

4. International School of Arizona

This is a private K-8th Grade school that immerses children in European curriculum. Students will get full immersion in both French and Spanish. Kindergarten students receive 4 hours a week of English instruction, and the rest is full immersion in the other languages. The kindergarten program uses hands-on learning workshops to enhance creativity, problem solving and social interaction through strong language, reading, writing, and math activities. Kindergarten students also learn the elements of cursive, which is mandatory in the French and Spanish styles.

There are many more places to choose from when it comes to where you want to send your child to kindergarten. These are places that are highly recommended based on their extensive curriculum, their high reviews, and their care and attention for your child’s learning.

We are always so sad to see our kiddos leave our Scottsdale Preschool but in the end we’re excited to see them continue on into their adventure of learning and enjoying life.