Summer Safety Tips for Your Infants

Summer is the best time for the kids. It is the time when the schools are out for the summer vacations and your children are enjoying holidays by spending more time at home. It is the time for playing in outdoor, spending lots of time in the pool, taking a sun bath, traveling across the country, etc. But unfortunately it is also a time when they might have to take a trip to the emergency room because of sickness and accidents that cause injuries. So, nobody knows when a happy day will turn into a day of sorrows for his/her family. So, it needs more summer safety for kids, safety review for you and your family.

Here are some good tips to prevent some injuries and accidents and keep your children happy in the summer-

Swimming pool:
The swimming pool is one of the biggest concerns for protecting your kids from summer. According to reports released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 137 children less than 15 years old drowned in a pool during the summer, 2012. This is especially important when visiting the beach or a lake because these places are not usually monitored by a lifeguard. So, always keep in mind, you should never leave your kids alone near the pool. No matter whether they can swim or they are aged enough.

Bites & Stings:
We all know summer is the season of mosquitoes, spiders and many more harmful bugs.
Here are a few tips about protecting your kids from bugs:

  1.  Remember to check your children in regular basis.
  2.  If you see a tick in your kid’s body then do not panic, remove the tick with a pair of tweezers.
  3.  If your kids feeling unwell and develops a fever then straightway take him/her to the doctor.
  4.  Besides, from the concerns about spider it is good news that only a few species of them have harmful bites.

Heat-related Illness:
Your child must play outside in the sunlight because it is the ideal time to play. So, this might be very hard not to give permission to play in the sunlight between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. This is the time when the sunlight is heavy and it may cause sunburn. If they (Kids) get burned then use protective cream that helps to cool and heal the burn. Wearing appropriate clothing can help a lot. Also bring him some sun gear like adorable baby sunglasses, hats etc.
There are lots of sunscreens available in the market. Choose the right one which suits your child best. Apply sunscreen properly. Here’s nothing worse than getting a burn on top of another burn, which will also increase the chance of blistering.

Special care for infants:
If you have an infant then it becomes more difficult to leave your kids in someone else’s care. Nobody can assure you that your precious baby is safer than to see it with your own care. It may be a wise decision to choose a preschool for your infant to take some extra child care. If you are living in Arizona and searching for Preschools in Phoenix, then WhizKidz Preschool can be a great solution.

A safe summer is a fun. Take the precautions for your child and your family to keep protected; feel happy and healthy. Make the summer memorable for your kids. You can also choose summer child care center like WhizKidz to do so.