Discover The Importance Of Preschool Activities

Do you have a young preschool age child and are you finding it difficult to think of new preschool activities to keep them busy? When looking for preschool activities you will want to discover activities that are fun and at the same time that are also educational because time is better spent when learning is fun!

The preschool age, between 1-5 years old, is the most crucial stage in a child’s development. Keeping your child’s mind learning and using the creative portion of their brain will help them to establish the neurological connections that they will need throughout their lives related to academics, music and ultimate success.

Tip: Limit television to less than 1 hour per day. Instead, read your child a book and encourage them to read. Reading expands their imagination and is one of the best things that a child can do to.

From reading books, arts and crafts, science, to music, it’s very important as a parent to have all of these things available to your young preschooler. A good balance of learning activities is crucial to build a well-formed mind. A balance of outdoor activities, educational television and hands-on tasks will give your preschooler a well-rounded education.

Engaging your preschool age child in day-to-day tasks such as eating meals together, folding laundry, washing the car, gardening and cleaning the home will not only help them to establish life skills but will help to build the bond between you and your child. By putting some creative thought into daily chores you can make any task fun and engaging.

Tip: To keep your young child motivated many tasks can be made into a game or competition.

An important part of early childhood development is instructing your preschooler to spend at least 15 minutes every day cleaning or performing other chores. Simple things, such as putting toys away, making their bed, putting dirty clothes in the hamper or sweeping the porch, will help to make performing chores into their teenage years a much easier progression.

Keeping your preschooler on a routine where they get up at the same time every day, eat meals at the same time, do chores at the same time and participate in learning activities will help to make your young child more productive, will keep them focused and ultimately they will be much more disciplined.

Stay involved! There are always free or low cost local events going on in every community. Whether it is nature walks in the park, craft fairs, the local zoo or library, taking your child out to events that inspire their imagination and their desire to want to learn more is priceless.

Last but not least; placing your age child into any social situation where they can engage other children, work as a group and ask questions will help to begin to establish the social skills needed to become successful academically and professionally. Remember that good habits are positive behaviors that have to be practiced and are not something that always just comes to any child. With daily activities, focus and a little discipline your preschooler will grow quickly with all of the skills that they need to succeed.