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Kids and gadgets – Responsible gadget use


Kids today are hooked on gadgets and the internet be it their favorite coco melon videos or videogames, but should this be a cause of alarm for parents?

More than one-third of parents with a child under 12 say their child began interacting with the phone before age 5 study shows how young kids today interact with gadgets, though gadget use has some of its negative effects on children it is not always the case, some positive impacts on gadget use on children include, improved cognitive skills, better motor skills, educating young ones, competitive skills and may help them to stimulate their senses and imagination it could also promote listening, learning of sounds and speaking ability.

That said it is up to parents to guide kids to responsible gadget use be it developing screen time rules filtering what media the child consumes teaching appropriate behavior and monitoring online activities, it is not a one-boot fits all process as your child grows you might need to change the rules, talk to your child about the situations that could occur and the behavior you expect.

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