Scottsdale Parks For Kids

Children being able to just be children is crucial for their development. Kids of all ages need to have some time to run around and have a good time. Social skills, an outlet for energy, and a world that encourages imagination can be found on the playground. Not only is playtime great for the kids but it is also beneficial for both parents. We know that it can be hard to keep a consistent routine and have time for other things too, especially adding new places that you would like to try. When you have kids you want to spend the most time you can with them and going on parent-child adventures together can be a wonderful bonding experience as well as some down time for you as the parent. With having to get kids ready, and yourself ready there may not be a lot of time to then also research what parks offer what for your little ones. Here is a break down for surfing through the information available for Scottsdale parks fun for kids.

CACTUS PARK – Located off of Scottsdale Road and Cactus Road.

Recently remodeled in 2012, has new equipment that is safe for your children to play on. Open grassy areas for activities in groups or family fun running around. Has picnic tables that you can host parties here and also brings the dogs. It’s a nice area and easy to get to. It is a little more well known and so this park is a little more active. The main drawback is however that the bathrooms are not super close by.

SERENO PARK – 56th street and Thunderbird

Parking lot is near the playground which allows you to be able to make frequent trips to the car as needed, and if you have multiple things and babies you are carrying with you. This park is well lit, and has much to offer. There is a lighted baseball court, a horse arena that you are able to watch with the little ones, huge grassy areas, and multiple playgrounds. Bathrooms are next to the playground and there is tons of shade available. Things you will want to consider; The baby area is on the opposite side of the older kids play area which can make it difficult if you are entertaining multiple ages of children. If you are not watching a close eye, the younger ones are able to get to the older playgrounds which may not be appropriate of catered to in safety.

PARADISE COVE PARK – 40th Street and Paradise Lane

Right in the middle of a neighborhood, you get a little more quiet with this park. Like some of the others, it offers grassy areas and a spider web like attraction on the playground. There is a bike path that leads to a paved area and many trees adding shade. The main drawback to this park is that there is a not a bathroom on site. Definitely more of a neighborhood park but a great place to go when you don’t want to be around a lot of people.

CHAPARALL PARK – Off of Hayden

Is a 100 acres, offering a full park to kids, families, and dogs. This park features a sports field that you can have have parties, and even school related activities. A lake with fish that you are able to do some fishing or rent a boat and go out onto the lake and enjoy the beautiful days we have here all year round. There are Ramada’s that you can reserve, or you can take your chances on the drop in ones they offer. Chaparral offers a community center,multiple bathrooms open fields, and a pool. This is a great place that can cater to all ages in the family, but especially if you want to spend some time at the park for a few hours and not get bored from the same playgrounds you always use.