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Connecting Our World To The Classroom

Today’s modern world can be quite a chaotic place for young children. Every parent wants to raise their child to confidently manage their world. The first five years are the staging ground where most learning happens and the early experiences of every child begin. It is the stage that sets it all for future life-long success. 

Whiz Kidz Preschool is known for providing children with the opportunity to begin lifelong learning full of fun, enriching skill-building opportunities in a safe and friendly environment. Everything from our extracurricular activities to our fresh wholesome made meals that meet special dietary requirements for our young learners.

Real-World Learning in Early Childhood Education

Our experienced and trained early childhood teachers help create the learning environments that ensure their students are comfortable, happy and eager to engage in a nurturing environment. 

Let’s get started!

Early Childhood Programs Offered By Whiz Kidz Preschool

1) Infant Program

At Whiz Kidz Preschool, the infant child care program is created with the developing brain in mind. Neuroscience tells us that the first 12 months of a child’s life are the most critical to their mental, emotional and physical development. These teachers have an exceptional nurturing background with a foundation in infant care and development. 

The main emphasis is put on:

i) Social Development

ii) Physical Development

iii) Emotional Development

2) Toddler Program

Every child is different and each one of them is always on a different stage of learning. Toddlers are no exception. The team at Whiz Kidz strives to meet all children’s developmental needs, including the learning goals that have been set. In addition, the progress made by each developmental stage is carefully guided by our teachers. The learning plan is  adjusted as needed to meet the child’s growth and development. The best method that can support a child to excel in their skills are talented and trained early childhood teachers and our Toddler Program met this critical component. 

3) Preschool Program

Obviously, creativity and new ideas are generated in different learning environments. The preschool program for children 3-4 years old provides the foundation for future life and school success. The caring educators at our  Whiz Kidz centers provide every single child with hands-on learning experiences that help children grasp distinct concepts. In addition, our weekly classes include cooking, gardening, music, and art to help kids explore their creative interests while developing future skills. 

If you also want your children to grow both physically and emotionally, bring them to our Whiz Kidz Preschool early childhood programs. We will ensure your child has the opportunity to develop their curiosity for their world in a safe, fun and engaging learning environment!