Imagine a future for your child of infinite possibilities!

Enrolling your child in preschool is the single most important thing that you will do to improve your child’s future. Time and again studies prove that children who enroll into preschool programs perform better academically in elementary school, high school and ultimately they grow to become more successful later in life than children who do not go to preschool.

Enrolling your child into preschool may seem like a costly expense at first, but the reward is a lifetime of greater achievement and ultimate happiness.

Not all preschools are created equal! Many preschools offer some level of academics while they are in reality more of a babysitting service compared to preschools that offer structured curriculum proven in the field of brain science today. The top-performing preschools employ teachers who have excelled in accredited credentialing programs and who have many years of experience.

Choosing the best preschool in your area is crucial to ensure that your money is well spent and your child’s individual learning needs are met because all children are different and all children learn differently. Many times lower cost preschools do not have the staff and resources available to offer your child the individual attention that they need to maximize the effectiveness of their time spent in preschool.

Did you know that by age 3 a child already understands over 50,000 words?

Recent advancements in early childhood brain development have gained a greater understanding than ever on how brain neurons form and connect together. These studies have shown that by the age of three a child’s brain reaches 80% of its adult size and that the way the new neurons develop are formed in large part by the child’s external experiences. Factors such as social interactions, diet, academics and parenting are proven to play the biggest role in the development of your child’s young brain.

Much of the development of a young child’s brain is due in large part to the world’s interaction with their senses of touch, sight and hearing. The connections that your young child’s senses have to the external world help to form new neurons related to genius, language and overall cognitive ability that will last a lifetime. While a person’s ability to achieve genius and excelled cognitive ability has proven to be possible later in life in some individuals, studies show that early childhood education programs help to grow the neurons crucial to excel in art activities, math and overall creativity much quicker and that the neurons developed before the age of three lay the foundation for all future brain development related specifically to creativity and genius.

Your child’s future is priceless and their success into adulthood depends on you!

When looking for a preschool for your young child deciding to choose a preschool based solely on price alone is like putting a price on their future and ultimately deciding who your child will grow to become. You want to look for a preschool that offers preschool programs that encourage your child to ask how, where, when and why questions. Most importantly, before deciding on a preschool to enroll your child into do your research and locate a preschool that offers the top Pre-K educators in your community. Ask a lot of questions, inquire about the preschool curriculum offered and be specific by learning about the educational programs offered by the different preschools in your area.

A little research now, knowing what to look for and asking all of the right questions will insure that your child grows successfully into adulthood. Statistics also prove that children who attend structured preschool programs live longer-healthier lives. Your child’s future depends on YOU!