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Discover The Importance Of Preschool Activities

Do you have a young preschool age child and are you finding it difficult to think of new preschool activities to keep them busy? When looking for preschool activities you will want to discover activities that are fun and at the same time that are also educational because time is better spent when learning is […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Go To Preschool

As a preschool teacher for nearly thirty years and as a parent (and grandparent) I have observed the positive effects that preschool programs have on many children first hand. Most importantly, I have been able to determine many negative effects caused by not enrolling a child into preschool, but this article will cover the top […]

Arts Activities for Preschool

Art is basically an activity of creation of images or products and it can be done through painting, modeling, printing just to mention a few. Children in preschool mainly do art activities such as painting and modeling. They mainly use crayons to do image coloring, modeling clay do build and carve objects, paintings to paint pictures, […]

Summer Safety Tips for Your Infants

Summer is the best time for the kids. It is the time when the schools are out for the summer vacations and your children are enjoying holidays by spending more time at home. It is the time for playing in outdoor, spending lots of time in the pool, taking a sun bath, traveling across the […]